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At Sunshine Montessori we have been following the development of intergenerational projects across the world, and here in Britain.

Data overwhelmingly shows that when we bring together seniors and young people good things happen, and, as many families have less contact between generations, there is a lot that nurseries can do to bridge the gap between older and younger people.

We have teamed up with 'Kiddleydivey', a national organisation that has built a reputation for providing music-based activities for both older adults and pre-school children. Once a week we visit our local care and nursing home. 'Gracewell' for shared music-making and quickly notice a growing bond between the age groups.

Adults thrive on the vibrancy and sense of fun the children bring with them.  Research shows a positive impact on both cognitive and physical performance as well as a reduction in loneliness and depression.

Children gain from the added attention of an engaged elder. It helps them feel valued and builds respect for older people. Academic studies show children becoming more articulate and confident – they love to be watched and have someone to chat to and to laugh with them! And at the same time we aim to encourage your child to develop a keen sense of musicality and a love for music.

There are no downsides, just benefits for young, old and society at large.

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OFSTED said:

"Staff use highly effective teaching methods to ignite children's imaginations."


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